Presentation Design + Photoshop Magic - Commanders In Chief

For this pitch deck I researched modern day actor photos with whom I then split-screen-matched to U.S. Presidents vintage photographs with Photoshop.

I then enhanced and did Photoshop ‘hair and makeup’ on each actor image. I modified the hair, the tonalities around eyes, cloned ever so carefully, and other enhancements to transform the actors INTO their potential roles as U.S. Presidents!

I was also responsible for the overall look and feel, the art direction/branding of the TV show development which includes typography and layout design, bringing together historic imagery with clear modern type treatments for dramatic and dynamic visual impact.

My hand drawn sketches for the layout ideas before starting the presentation design, layout and Photoshop image work.

  • Role Graphic Designer/Art Direction/Photoshop Magic

  • For AMC/Asylum Entertainment

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