This was my first professional graphic design job once I left art and design college. A great learning experience in many aspects looking back. I have a lot of nostalgia for, eToys was like an early tech work environment and culture! Harlin Harris, the Magnificent Harlin, he helped me get my first big break, he saw my talent and I will never forget his soul, his humor, his utterly amazing talent as a graphic designer and art director, I learned more from him than where I left. Seriously. Thank you Harlin for seeing my talent and hooking me up with my first professional design job, wherever you are my friend. I have grown tremendously since my eToys days, as a designer and person and I’m very proud of this work.

I had the good fortune to work with the late children’s author Simms Taback using his original artwork to create a special webpage for his books. I instantly knew I wanted to incorporate his drawings into the webpage to merge his work with our website! Note the use of the author-artist’s illustrations for UI elements, lots of fun!

An example of the kind of special features webpages I worked on on a daily basis. May not seem like much but at the time I had to balance imagery and consider HTML considerations, I also went for a slightly odd grid layout and quality checked with the Art Director and web dev department.

Another wonderful special assignment! I as given free reign to create a whole special multi-web special web section for The Bookstore. Of course, early on in my career, I pushed it and created a more customized layouts showcasing scans from the book. I wanted to make the pages fun and cute for children and parents to navigate taking direct elements I found in the Little Miss Spider book to use as UI navigational elements. Look closely, it’s so great! I knew I could design for ANYTHING putting on ANY HAT at ANY TIME!

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