Brochure/Trade Show Graphic Design

When I came into work on a trade show/booth graphics project which included brochures, all I had in front of me was very industrial, non-designer put together leaflets and a company logo.

From the company logo and the actual lighting products such as switches and relays, etc. I developed a whole new visual language, identity and expanded on the use of Futura as the company typeface. I combined Futura with Gil Sans in various weights for a ‘light’, ‘sunshine’, ‘green’ visual communication through typography.

I also expanded on the vector graphics quality of the logotype and incorporated vector graphics throughout.

Another large panel design for their trade show booth graphics.

Seeing the mood and showing how their lighting controls products are integrating was my goal, making things memorable and stand out to other competitors is always key.

Another more warmer, natural, ‘green’ trade show panel.

Large trade show panel pointing out their product integration of course.

More variations, these were even larger, about 10 feet high.

Showcase panels where they would attach the actual products, I conceptualized this for them.

My conceptual hand-drawing work for the trade booth panels.

  • Role Graphic Designer/Art Direction

  • For Lighting Control & Design (Acuity Brands)

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