Experience Design (XD) Concept 'Advertising Streets'

I can further explain and provide the work in an interview, but in brief, these are LED large scale environmental screen conceptual work I developed for major street intersections in China. All of this is my design, my vision, pushing LED shapes, fabrication in order for these ‘Advertising Streets’ to stand out as a unique destination in comparison to other similar site seeing sites around the world.

I created this LED screen concept of how the large scale screens would look at nighttime using Photoshop and researched imagery. I created light effects, lighting up the street and even suggested lighting up the ground so that pedestrians would experience motion graphics underneath them to immerse them in the dynamic environment. This is in keeping with the themed entertainment aspect of the project.

I used Illustrator to create one layer to work on LED screen shapes, the bright colors indicate a KEY that would show what type of LED screens would go on the structural facades. These guides were used in a presentation book with typography added, etc.

Logos I created for each ‘Advertising Street’. These ideas just came to me after most of the conceptualizing was done. No one requested them, but I felt each street needed branding and an identity. This, is the basis for further art direction if needed.

  • Role Lead Graphic Designer/Art Direction/XD Design

  • For Landmark Entertainment Group

  • Type Photoshop work.

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