Emmy Awards Evite Concepts

I used Adobe InDesign and a little of Photoshop for this EVITE for these FOX’s Emmy Nominees Celebration concepts.

I visualized how this would be printed, I went with an elegant art deco suggestion, with the charcoal box being the textured paper of an invitation the type, white ink, with gold flake typography. I think it would look beautiful and feel premium and feel ‘award’.

I always see, with my mind’s eye, more possibilities while engaging in the design process and I always offer various options and iterations. Some have dramatic ideas, some have subtle changes and nuances, it’s always a process of visual sculpture, etching out something that pleases and communicates on several levels.

I designed the above two concepts in about 2 hours. The additional design layout variation ideas below were part of that process so the total hours to complete was 3 to 4 hours.

Of course the hours include online research of logos, imagery and other graphics assets, organization of assets, then create custom graphics, search and choose typefaces/fonts, layout and mood, creative direction development and careful just-right typography.

  • Role Graphic Designer

  • For Fox Entertainment

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